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Reija Lang with a cessna plane in the background

Reija Lang Miehistö

Reija Lang Miehistö is my ultimate virgin trip into the world of Finnish language lyrics writing and also singing contemporary jazz in Finnish. And all this happens after some 11 years of making things in English only. Our music is all originals – self made “luomu” (a Finnish term for natural) from the dough to […]

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Reija Lang New Trio Gospel

Reija Lang New Trio

Reija Lang New Trio is building on the alluring acoustic sound – combining influences from the Afro-American jazz legacy and the European chamber jazz wave. The delicate and rarely heard sound is created with an interesting instrumentation – vocals, guitar, double bass and violin. The band members represent the ultimate Finnish musicianship in a very

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Burn Out Mama artists

Burn Out Mama

Burn Out Mama presents a unique collaboration between Finnish and British top notch jazz musicians in an ambitious and thought provoking tour de force. There´s something Almodóvarian in the way Burn Out Mama do their thing. Burn Out Mama have created an intriguing and exciting sound and style. Weaving a poetic & mesmerising mix of

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ZOGA meets dancers at KOKO Teatteri


Reija’s interest towards the free music led her in spring 2006 to a new collaboration project with percussionist shaman Otzir Godot and virtuoso violinist Zigrot Baude. As the team was originally build around alter egos – Reija digged deeper into her soul and discovered a secret and hidden twin sister, Karla Namak, the human voice

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