Transit CD Cover

Lang & Luolajan-Mikkola: Transit

Miss Tight (Eric Dolphy / Reija Lang)

It was crazy times in our class
It was so mad and everyone
Simply hated all the lessons
All the teachers were so helpless
We were mean and ooh disgusting
Never gave it up
But when she entered the scene
Rebecca Rabbit looks oh that’s it
She was something new and so fit
Hollywood fab celebrity
She was cruel
Full of hot fuel

She wore pencil skirt every day
So we could figure out what she
Really looked like from the inside
She was harder than a diamond
We were teens and ooh obeying
Never messed it up
She never gave us a chance
Miss Tight would give us all a lesson
You’d die for a private session
So no doubt – she would not pout
Macho M’am

Hot as a damn Terrace Game (Wayne Shorter / Reija Lang)

Hey – I keep on gazing you
You keep amazing me, ba-a-by
Hey – I keep on praising you
You keep on hazing me, may-ay-by

Ooh, I’m getting curious
I want to trap you right
In my double mind lust game

Hey – It keeps on jumping up
You make me bounceing up, ba-a-by
Hey – It makes me gulping down
You take me dripping down, may-ay-by

Ooh, it’s getting serious
I have this itch but all
I can do is to bite my nails

Hey – I keep on pealing you,
You keep on healing me, ba-a-by
Hey – I make you fancying me,
You make me tranceing you, may-ay-be

Ooh, you’re bloody fabulous
Addiction guides my skin

When I’m taking you with me x 2

Warrior Kind Of Love (Mikko-Ville Luolajan-Mikkola / Reija Lang)

He is far away
Not feeling my skin
He must go hunting
Get the excitement
And wander awhile

My home is empty
I’m in unbalance
And I touch myself
Cause he’s gone hunting
Exploring the wilds

Lick your lips, warrior
The desert is dry
I’m your oasis
Hidden in shadows
Caress forever
Grace and happiness
Freedom forever
Love and tenderness.

Days linger on me
Memories on skin
I look the mirror
And see him behind
Reflecting in all

And he keeps trekking
Taking his wild trips
Getting exhausted
Diving just deeper
Seeking the surface

Sail your sea, warrior
The tide is high
I’m your boat
Floating on the waves
Caress forever
Grace and happiness
Freedom forever
Love and tenderness

Ghosts Of Guilt (Mikko-Ville Luolajan-Mikkola / Reija Lang)

You should join me
When you have no lust
Knock on wood
There’s room for you
In the House of Guilt.

It’s always mellow
It sounds like laughter
Vamp me, fool
Forget the moods
In the House of Guilt.

Let’s have a lovely dinner
You should taste some of the sin
It’s now or never
And you are on no man’s land.

It is so delicious, dear
And we need no confessions
No one will ask you
When you travel on passions.

You hear the music
It’s a seiren’s song
Come, seduce
Just take your shame
In the House of Guilt.

The ghosts never sleep
They party alright
Dark or day
You see the light
In the House of Guilt

Transit – Introduction to Newborn (Reija Lang)

Newborn (Wayne Shorter / Reija Lang)

It’s dark – but you can see
The new – vision to be

Her moves – carry you through
So safe – patience is true

You didn’t ask – who shall I be
You knew – past life was seen
So light – spirit can be
When born – without a keel

Your smile – so innocent
Your hand – painting the sky

Real love – fragile as glass
Will see -your journey through

Dilemma (Wayne Shorter / Reija Lang)

Hot air cools
It’s the magic of fact
So simple and exact

High gets down
There’s no doubt about that
You’ll see a deep impact

Life is a ride with no guide
And still you’re gonna make it

Freedom rules
It’s a power of will
Not just a view to kill

It’s your choice
When you pick up your side
Be faithful to your tribe

You and them
Never find the same clue
That makes the world so blue

Life is a fight for your right
And nothing’s gonna change it

Seeds of hope
Were planted to grow
The good intent will show

Impressions (John Coltrane)

The Flow (Mal Waldron / Reija Lang)

Dream – what a wonderful dream
I just want to dive in

Spin – what a magnetic spin
I just want to go round

Joy – what a radiant joy
I just want to shine on

Touch – what a caressing touch
I just want to mmm…mmm..mmmm…

Peace – what an eternal peace
I just want to lean on

Jazz No. 7 (Mikko-Ville Luolajan-Mikkola)

Undercurrents (Mikko-Ville Luolajan-Mikkola / Reija Lang)

This is not real
The Neptunian water world
Tows me down, deeper
To meet the melancholy moods

Do I see him
Captain Nemo with his troops
Capturing and cultivating
The riches of the liquid land

I don’t belong here
I’m just a submarine
Capsule of mixed emotions
Asylum of inspirations
Swimming to the farthest shore
Worth to explore

Nautical Calypso
Dolphins dancing above corals
Cherish the sounds of life
Happy tails
Keep splashing, laughing and flying

The Ultimate (Eric Dolphy / Reija Lang)

He was just a guy
Who wanted to drag and drop
And then he vanished
Like grey smoke in the air
Got to be – so ultimately free
Streets are thin and empty
Without him
We know why
He just dominated us all

He was always right
He wanted to make his mark
And battles that he took
Were full of ecstasy
All for one – all for giant victory
Games are gone and over
What a shame
We all know
He will challenge any new deed