Reija Lang Arricone Big Band CD Cover

Reija Lang & Arricone Big Band, With special guest Riku Niemi

Reija Lang is one of the leading jazz vocalists in Finland – and it is proven again on this new album with Arricone Big Band. Her energetic and luminously intense alto sound is capturing. ABB is a top notch big band with 17 musicians – and they create together gorgeous sound – lifting up both the arrangements as well as the soloists. Erno Tiittanen’s arrangements groove high in a hardbop style.
– Seppo Lumikko, Kauppalehti Optio (24.10.2013)

Reija Lang is a fabulous young female vocalist whose sound and phrasing are like made for big band. She excels in sensitivity as well as highly swinging groove as well as scat. Erno Tiittanen’s arrangements are highlighted also with excellent instrumental solos – e.g. special guest Riku Niemi flies high on vibraphone.
– Jussi Asu, Ilkka (23.10.2013)

It’s not very common these days to see big band recordings published together with a featuring vocalist. It’s even more rare that the end result is this excellent. This album is a born classic and highly recommended for this genre lovers.
– Jazzpossu, JazzBlog (12/2013)

Vocalist Reija Lang has a gorgeous sound combined with wide range interpretation. She is no doubt the best Finnish big band featuring vocalist at the moment. Arricone Big Band plays together with excellence.
– Reijo Vaurula, Kymen Sanomat (11/2013)

Reija Lang is one of the top notch jazz vocalists and lyricists in Finland. She moves around with ease digging into treasures of 60’s hardbop – from brighly flying “Little Unhappy Boy” to sensitive interpretation of “The Masquarade is Over”. Solid interpretations match perfectly arranger Erno Tittanen’s visionary and idea rich arrangements. Special guest Riku Niemi gives a tasty boost for the band with his spectacular vibraphone.
– Hannu Lahtonen, Kauppalehti (18.9.2013)

The Masquarade Is Over (Wrubel, Magidson)

Never Will I Marry (Loesser, Loesser)
Tenor Sax solo: Jukka Uljas

Jeannine (Pearson, Brown)
Vocal solo: Reija Lang

Little Unhappy Boy (Lewis, Lewis)
Solos; Vibraphone: Riku Niemi,
Alto Sax: William Suvanne

All You Need To Say (Never Say Yes) (Adderley,Caswell)
Soprano Sax solo: Ari Jokelainen

Give Me A Break (Unit 7) (Jones, Caswell)
Solos: Piano: Jari Kanninen
Tenor Sax: Jukka Uljas

Dat Dere (Timmons, Brown jr.)
Solos: Piano: Jari Kanninen,
Bar Sax: Pasi Lackman

The Old Country (Adderley, Lewis)
Vibraphone solo: Riku Niemi

Work Song (Adderley, Adderley)
Solos: Trb: Jay Kortehisto
Alto Sax: William Suvanne
Sopr Sax: Ari Jokelainen
Voc: Reija Lang
Trp: Mikko Pettinen

A Sleepin’ Bee (Arlen, Capote)

I Found The Turnaround (The Turnaround) (Mobley,Caswell)
Piano solo: Jari Kanninen