Bloody Joy CD Cover

Reija Lang New Trio: Blood of Joy

Three individualists collaborate and give birth to a rich acoustic sound with great intensity. Lang’s expression is free of limits -yet still in sovereign control. The trio’s collaboration is colourful and energetic, playful. The rare combination of instruments proofs to be an excellent match.
– Hannu Lahtonen, Kauppalehti (8.1.2014)

Reija Lang’s 5th album Blood of Joy is not meant for background jazz. The album must be listened with focus and concentration. When you do that, you’ll be awarded with an unexpected discovery trip into contemporary jazz. This album is a true piece of jazz art presented by improvisation geniouses. The sound is wide, with variety and deep colors – with all those different jazz genre influences.
– Jael Nyman, Hufvudstadsbladet (5.2.2014)

The idea of a combination of a vocalist, bassist/violinist and a guitarist as a jazz combo might sound a bit breathless – but that’s not true with this trio. The charm of the album is based on the light and elegant sound together with genious arrangements. It seems that Lang reaches the freedom of singing best in this relaxed trio atmosphere.
– Harri Uusitorppa, Helsingin Sanomat (15.1.2014)

Reija is a talented vocalist who has the gift of maximising her range and intensity – topped with the capability of using her voice as an instrumental sound. Jarno Kukkonen on guitar and Mikko-Ville Luolajan-Mikkola on double bass and violin play extremely well together and both excel on solos as well. Big applause for the band.
– Matti Laipio, Jazzrytmit (3.12.2013)

The album Blood of Joy communicates extremely well its name – being an intense and positive work or art. The colourful music radiates the fresh joy of playing and singing.
– Ilari Tapio, Satakunnan Kansa (7.1.2014)

Pedro’s Love Bubble (Luolajan-Mikkola/Lang)
We live in tram number 8
The route is hypnotic
Well rounded circles
Embracing each other like wild lianas
In the heart of the jungle

We are on top of glam
There’s neither ground
Nor underground there
Because we travel in a high manner
Happy turbulence won’let us land

You and I belong to
The thirty thousand feet club
As we do it when we please
We are lovers from
The sizzling cartoon
Crash, boom, bang

You pick me flowers
From the air
I flash my smile back to you
And the whole city blushes
And gives us the VIP treatment in return

You and I belong to
The thirty thousand feet club
As we do it when we please
We are lovers from
The sizzling cartoon
Crash, boom, bang

Nothing bothers us – When we leave for
Sunny star trekking ride

Crazy tramps – Fake fur –
What turns things pink?

Snow Flakes (Kukkonen/Lang)

I can see their whiteness
They invite me to shine
Fragile little snowflakes
Flowing for me

But inside black times
I need my camouflage
They hide me under deep ice
They shelter me

Waiting for the blizzard
Bursting with energy
Cheer me up with brightness
Snowfall my friend

Avalanche – Avalanche

A Taste of Honey (Scott/Marlow)

Windows (Corea)

Surreal Awakening (Luolajan-Mikkola/Lang)
On that particular Sunday
I chose the sunny side
The buds of life
Acting as an oracle
Took me around the corner

That spectacular moment
Was captured in my iris
The traffic light
Bounced red and hot peppers
Before turning into green

How could I see
If I was blind
How could I dream
If I was dead
How could I
So surreal
How could I
So surreal
How could I
So surreal

That superior galore
Of all the possible colours
Vamped my senses
Unleashed the juicy fruit
For the jealous bee to greet

Exodus (Luolajan-Mikkola/Lang)
No fear can beguile your dream
So faint and so pristine
Capture the final mile
Home is a place divine

You’ll get where your heartbeat guides
Pumping the blood of joy
Meet all the cosmic rides
Stars blink eternal skies

High up you’ll grind it
You’ll build a staircase to climb
Your exodus makes you humble
So fine, serene in time
Forever your guide

So near can you only get
when time will just forget
Ambitions fading out
Missions to let go by

The Lamp Is Low (de Rose/Shefter/Parish)

Bars Beyond (Kukkonen/Lang)

Stealing with pride that’s his game
Aiming to rise to the fame
Sleeves full of ace, poker face
His luck will bring happy days
Destined to win every deal
Capture the chance now it’s real
Yes – he’s – real – right!

He never gives his advise
Better to live without lies
Staying ahead of the crowd
Feeling so strong and so proud
Pin striped and cool all the way
Millions will come as you play
As – you – play – right!

As – you – play —-
Pinstriped and cool all the way!

Moon and Sand (Wilder/Palitz/Engvick)

Devil May Care (Dorough/Kirk)