Soundscope CD Cover

Reija Lang Trio: Soundoscope

A Night On The Island (Luolajan-Mikkola/Lang)

On the dark side of the bay

Things happen

Triumph of lust was ours to take
It was obvious that it happened
There was no way to escape
This spell around

We were pilgrims of instant love taking over

We faced our enigma
Zest for life that painted our tapestry

Bare and naked we encountered
Waters capsized us – made us drown

The spell was bound
We could hear nereids singing
Humming birds giving their applause

Love is
Legacy – Our rhapsody
The night sleeps – The night sleeps – (repeat and fade)

Invitation (Kaper/Webster)

Something Worth Waiting For (Con Alma) (Gillespie/Caswell)

How I Wish (Ask Me Now) (Monk/Hendricks)

For Sophie (Luolajan-Mikkola)

Like A Lover (Caymmi, Motta, Bergman, Bergman)

Pink Cloud On The Sky (McClure/Lang)

Dry and empty land
Covered with sand
Filled with its hidden urge

Sky flames with the sigh
Creatures will find
Symptoms of monsoon rain

Lonely cactus blooms
Gone are the harsh times

Mustangs run free untamed
They fiercely jump high to see
Pink cloud on the sky
On the sky

Cosmic Snake (Luolajan-Mikkola/Lang)
He takes you in
And you don’t ask
What do I gain
Just lose your mask

He’s got no wings
But he keeps flying high
Forgetting the earthly passions

You see the tail
Spiralling and dancing
Hypnotising your amorous mind

He lets you out
And how you cry
To mend your heart
Of flame passed by

Look at the skies
Heavenly flowing dreams
The elements of eternity

Look at the lights
Burning in paradise
Of never-ending maternity

Duke Ellington’s Sound Of Love (Mingus/Mingus)

In The Still Of The Night (Porter/Porter)

Celeste (Towner)

Peace Piece as introduction to Very Early (Evans/Very Early lyrics by Hall)