Burn Out Mama artists

Burn Out Mama

Burn Out Mama presents a unique collaboration between Finnish and British top notch jazz musicians in an ambitious and thought provoking tour de force.

There´s something Almodóvarian in the way Burn Out Mama do their thing. Burn Out Mama have created an intriguing and exciting sound and style. Weaving a poetic & mesmerising mix of contemporary lyrics and music with their virtuosity and sublime creativity they give birth to music both unexpected and extraordinary.

Reija Lang on vocals, Mika Mylläri on trumpet, Ed Jones on tenor sax, Geoff Gascoyne on bass and Orphy Robinson on vibraphone have a wealth of experience gained through careers forged working in a multitude of styles and genres. Their ultimately distilled energy and musicianship contribute to the sound, style and music of Burn Out Mama.

More information at www.burnoutmama.com