Reija Lang with a cessna plane in the background

Reija Lang Miehistö

Reija Lang Miehistö is my ultimate virgin trip into the world of Finnish language lyrics writing and also singing contemporary jazz in Finnish. And all this happens after some 11 years of making things in English only. Our music is all originals – self made “luomu” (a Finnish term for natural) from the dough to the oven – from compositions to lyrics.

The band presents also an interesting and ear opening instrumentation. The core is a traditional piano, double bass and drums trio but it features surprisingly both trombone and vocals. This creates a new and capturing sound scene.

The band crew consists of Finnish vanguard jazz musicians and together they make a perfect quintet: Reija Lang (vocals), Heikki Tuhkanen (trombone), Seppo Kantonen (piano), Eero Tikkanen (double bass) and André Sumelius (drums).

The music is written by Mikko Innanen, Seppo Kantonen and André Sumelius. Lyrics come from Reija Lang, and one tune has got its lyrics written by Lotta Westermarck.