Reija Lang New Trio Gospel

Reija Lang New Trio

Reija Lang New Trio is building on the alluring acoustic sound – combining influences from the Afro-American jazz legacy and the European chamber jazz wave. The delicate and rarely heard sound is created with an interesting instrumentation – vocals, guitar, double bass and violin.

The band members represent the ultimate Finnish musicianship in a very high artistic level combining roots from both jazz and classical music: Reija Lang, (vocals), Jarno Kukkonen (guitar) and Mikko-Ville Luolajan-Mikkola (double bass and violin).

The original combo Reija Lang Trio released their first album “Soundoscope” in March 2010 – featuring at that time Petri Krzywacki on guitar. The album introduced emotionally embracing and fine-sounding interpretations e.g. some Monk, Mingus, Gillespie an Evans tunes. The repertoire also introduced some tunes written by Luolajan-Mikkola with Lang’s lyrics. The trio also proudly presented a tune “Pink Cloud On The Sky” written by the legendary double bass player Ron McClure – for the first time as a lyric and vocal version with Lang’s lyrics.

In autumn 2013 Reija Lang New Trio released a fresh album ”Blood of Joy” – introducing a combination of own compositions & lyrics and some new arrangements of selected jazz classics. The album was released in China, Hainan International Jazz Festival, in October 2013 and in Finland, November 2013.